WHY buy a Fiberglass Swimming Pool?

So glad things are warming up, even if temporarily.  Changed the colour of my car recently–by washing off the salt.  I’ve been hiding in my big clothes all winter to keep warm.  But the last few days have been warmer, the sun has been stronger, and things are starting to look up.  The hill out the front of the apartment building which was covered in snow all winter is now bare–and green!!  I figure the dirty mounds of snow will take quite awhile to melt this year though, especially if we get the predicted long cool spring.  Be that as it may, I am looking forward to the Home Show, St. Patrick’s Day, and all the mud which we will certainly have this year, as sure signs that spring is near! 


With the Olympics well underway, and winter still dogging our every step, we are gearing up for the upcoming pool season.  The Home Show brings light at the end of the tunnel from winter to spring, and with the season change comes thoughts of warmer tomorrows! I wonder if 6 months from now will have us all wishing for our wintry weather back! I love all the seasons, but I do think this has been an exceptionally wintry winter! Even those of us in the “Banana Belt” have found it tough to manage in this extreme cold and snow.  I wish each of you a warm and wonderful spring, and look forward to better days ahead.

We’re currently working on our website to update with our latest pool jobs.  It’s not finished yet, but watch for our new look!  In addition to photos, we will have more info on your fiberglass pool maintenance, swimming and pool guidelines, and safety tips.

You can choose a particular style, size and colour, and contact us for an estimate.  Although this has been available in the past, not all styles were available in Ontario, and the problem continues to be a supply problem as they are manufactured in the U.S.  The fluctuating exchange rate doesn’t help the situation either.

Our first few jobs are booked, although permits are not forthcoming yet.  Our next focus will be the Home Show, where we hope to have a 40′ pool on display.  We invite you to visit us at this year’s Home Show, and talk to us about your backyard dreams and challenges.  We might surprise you with our answers!

I have an interest in these “frost quakes”.  I’ve never heard about them before, and yet this winter (since Christmas), I have heard a lot about them, and have heard them myself.

My mom stayed with me over the holidays for a few days in my apartment, so I was sleeping on the couch.  I am not a deep sleeper, and in fact I have difficulty sleeping at the best of times, so I was awakened early in the morning on Christmas with a very loud bang, what I thought was a gunshot.  It seemed to have come from the apartment above me, and I was on the verge of calling the police.  I thought “what a way to start Christmas…I’ve just moved in about 1 month previous…have I moved into a bad neighbourhood?”  Anyway, later I heard about frost quakes, but still did not associate that noise with frost quakes.  I know that on Manitoulin Island for example, you get the noise from the ice on the lake when it freezes or shifts or heaves of a very loud CRACK! but this frost quake is all new in my experience.

A few nights ago, I kept hearing these noises every few minutes, what I again did not attribute to frost quakes, but sounded like the water pipes banging very loudly.  The superintendent of the building had put a letter around to all the tenants to ensure that their windows and doors were kept closed during this deep cold snap, as they had problems in the past with water pipes bursting, and so this was what I attributed the noise to this time.  Yesterday, there was a notice up in the building that these noises are frost quakes, and not the pipes at all.  This was a relief for me, and I slept better last night, but strange that suddenly we are hearing and experiencing this phenomena. which for me was previously unheard of.  Interesting!

Well this winter has really started off with a big bang, literally!!  That ice storm was quite an eye opener.  Despite all the hydro companies best efforts, there are still quite a number of people without power.  My mom’s power was out until yesterday (Boxing Day), late afternoon.  She’s in Scarborough.  She spent some of her time with friends when it first happened, and then with me from Christmas Eve, through to Boxing Day evening.  We kept calling her house to determine when the power was back, because the answering machine should come on when the power returned.  That was fine.  When the power came back on, the house was about 5 degrees, and her security alarm and smoke detector kept on beeping.  Even with changing the batteries, these “devices” wouldn’t stop.  After I left last night, I called her a bit later, and she said that the power went out again for about 5 minutes, enough to send her looking for a flashlight and candles again, but then it returned so she was okay.


In the apartment building I live in, the hydro was out for almost 12 hours–no back up generator for emergency lighting, elevators, etc.  I was going up and down the stairs with the light from my cell phone.  I’m in an end unit, so the stairs are next to me, and I know how many steps there are, so I managed okay, but there were others who were feeling their way along the walls to get to the stairwells, and carrying children, food, and Christmas gifts, made it a bit of a rough go.  Couldn’t get my car out of the underground cause there was no power to operate the garage door!  It was completely dark down there, again only a cell phone for light until I got within range of my car to unlock it and of course then the headlights come on.  You never realize how dependent you are on hydro, until something like this happens! One good thing though with this happening in the winter, you don’t really worry as much about food going bad, because your house gets to be like a refrigerator pretty quick, so things don’t get a chance to “spoil”!


It has certainly been a busy and challenging season, and no less challenging now, in fact, more so!  We have a particular pool that a customer wants, is willing to pay for, and in fact they have put a deposit down on, but the supplier says they don’t want to ship that particular pool to us.  What?  I beg your pardon?  I am selling your product.  You are my supplier.  How can I tell my customer who wants this particular pool that it is not available and to choose something else?  You are making my job harder than ever at this time of year.  Come on, don’t be a monkey wrench in the already slowing market!  Where are you when I need you?!?!


Well it was a very nice wedding on Manitoulin Island that I attended this past weekend.  So much more relaxed than many weddings.  Kept on the simple side–not elaborate, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  I took a few extra days to make it a very long weekend, and as a result I had a great relaxing loooong weekend.  Thank you everyone!  It was so peaceful at the lake at my sister’s house; they have a beautiful view, and all the bells and whistles one could ever wish for.  My brother-in-law gave my son and I a hand in re-evaluating the possibility of listing the bush property inherited from my dad.  The memories came flooding back of my dad, and the enjoyment that he got from the camp.  Time will tell, but I don’t think we can sell now–just needed a reminder of how much we all enjoy it.

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